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We need your support in the elections

Arbetarpartiet (The Workers’ Party) believes everyone should be able to work, keep their faith and earn respect.

We want to inform you that you don’t have to be a citizen to vote in two out of three elections. You have a right to vote in the elections for Umeå Municipal Council (kommunfullmäktige – white ballot) and Västerbotten Regional Council (landstinget – blue ballot). Four things are required:
a) you need to have been living in Sweden for three years,
b) you have to be a registered resident of Umeå with the Tax Authority (Skatteverket),
c) you have received a voting card in the mail,
d) you are able to present your ID at the polling station.

We want you to vote for Arbetarpartiet (The Workers’ Party) in the following elections:
* Umeå Municipal Council (white ballot). The first two names are Jan Hägglund and Åsa Eriksson.
* Västerbotten Regional Council (blue ballot). The first two names are Frank Pettersson and Marika Atlegrim.

We want everyone to have a chance to earn respect in society

Respect is earned by getting a job or studying. Those who are born in Sweden – by Swedish parents – should be able to get a job and earn respect. This should also be possible for those who are born in Sweden by non-Swedish parents. And even those who aren’t born in Sweden should be able to study, get a job and earn respect.

Arbetarpartiet fights against racism. We believe those who have gained a permit to stay in Sweden should be treated with respect. If someone treats a person who has a permit to stay in Sweden poorly, we consider them our enemies.

We also believe that people who are not born in Sweden, but who have migrated to Sweden, should show respect for Swedish laws and traditions. Those who come to Sweden but don’t respect Swedish laws and traditions are not our friends.

No religion is allowed to oppress another religion. Men are not allowed to oppress women. Whites are not allowed to oppress people with colored skin.

Sweden is governed through free elections – in which both men and women are allowed to participate. In Sweden, men and women are equal. People are allowed to be Christians, Muslims, Jews, or to have some other faith.

Arbetarpartiet believes that people who move to Sweden should follow these rules. If you support these rights, you are our friend and can come to us with your problems. However, if you don’t support free elections, equality between men and women, and a secular society – we have an absolute difference in opinion.

You are welcome to Arbetarpartiet. My name is Jan Hägglund and I’m our group leader in the Municipal Council:
070-293 74 61

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